Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is the Magical Letter!

X is the most magical letter. No other letter can do what X does.

You aren't O-Large, you're X-Large.

Combine that with the magical NUMBER -- 3 -- and you get XXX-Large, or XXX rated, or x-tra x-tra x-tra!

Don't like Christ in your holidays? Call it Xmas.

How about at work, where we call it x-section rather than cross-section, or txr instead of transistor.

Want to dump your lover? Go ahead. Now they are your ex!

Hold your arms in an X. Go ahead. It's a symbol of power and it feels powerful, doesn't it.

How about an X-Ray, or X-Ray vision?

Malcolm X?

What's the most common mathematical symbol? Yep, you guessed it: x

How does a pirate mark his treasure? Not with a W, because X marks the spot!

Want to cover a deadman's eyes? We don't use A or B, we draw death with an X.

Need help? Call the X-Men.

X-acto knife. X-Factor. Generation X. The X-Files.

X X X! It's the magical letter.

What other X-terms can you come up with?

- Eric


Ted Cross said...

My wizard Xax's real name is Xaxanakis. He picked it because he wanted a name that looked 'wizardy' and complicated, yet actually was easy to pronounce. 'zax-AN-a-kiss'. I still get readers complaining that it's too hard, but I thought it was hilarious to have a wizard purposely pick a convoluted name.

S.A. Larsenッ said...

X is a magical letter. I've always wanted to go to Xanadu, roller skate as a scantily clad goddess in a make believe roller rink and have my image used as a mural in some back alleyway. (snicker....)

Wine and Words said...

Xanax! I'll need it to recover from the fact your alphabet is over :( What will I do now for Xcitement? Not sure Xactly how am I gonna get over the Xtreme loss of my morning coffee reading material!


Bkloss said...

Can't think of any. I think you fabulously covered them all!

Great blog, btw. New follower!

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Eric: Great minds think alike, I guess!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

LOL! You win. Most Xs ever.

Phoenix said...

I always think X represents a sort of vagueness, a sort of "define me how you want to, I'll mean anything you want" kind of letter, whereas you most certainly cannot do that with a T or, good heavens no, a Q.

X represents all and everything we can think of, and then leaves room for more in our imaginations. X is the mystery lover, the romantic spot, the expectations never voiced.



PS Since apparently I can't say no to you, you should be happy to know that tomorrow, for the first time on my blog, I will include one of my own poems with a post. You asked, which means you're not allowed to make fun of how lousy and emo it is!

Jai Joshi said...

I can't believe how many different x possibilities people have come up with today.

X is definitely magic.


Dawn Embers said...

When it comes to clothing size, I wouldn't call the X magical unless we consider the fact that I want it to disappear. There are some interesting X connections though.

dolorah said...

tx = treatment
hx = history
rx = prescription
xFer = transfer
xMit = transmit

I work in government :) I have tons of X-references.

OK, eXiting now. I have to go catch up on your posts.


Charmaine Clancy said...

I remember the X-Files! So many Xs in your post it looks like one of my high school science tests after it's been marked.

Thanks for the birthday wishes - right back atcha (and sorry, but I actually outrank you by a coupla' years).

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