Friday, April 1, 2011

Be consistent. Now shake it up!

It's a series of mutually exclusive mantras that some smartass likes to parrot from time to time, right? And you've all heard it before, but let me tell you the truth about the advice to be consistent, but shake it up.

Here is what They say: Be consistent. Establish a routine. Set and meet goals. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Here is what They' say: (That's "They-Prime" for my mathematically challenged friends.) Shake it up. Break the mold. Push your boundaries. BE SPONTANEOUS!

It's like fire and water. It sounds mutually exclusive, doesn't it? I mean, fire and water are mutually exclusive. One kills the other.

Nope. Wrong. That's why I'm the genius. I see things sideways, and that makes me special, and I don't mean wear-your-helmet special.

See, I look at fire and water and I put them together and realize that sho-nuff, they work out great when mixed! That's how you cook. You boil stuff. Water without fire and fire without water can't boil an egg.

It's the same with that conflicting, seemingly mutually exclusive advice to BE CONSISTENT! BUT SHAKE IT UP!

You need to do both, and I don't mean just with writing. With writing, yeah, but with other stuff, like in the gym. Work out regularly, but change your routine. That's how you stay sharp, isn't it? That's the only way to get sore.

Personally, my life is a vortex of chaos. I have ignored the dozen or two writer and poet bloggers I genuinely love to read, both on my comments and on your blogs.

I have ignored my writing, my workout routine, my diet. I changed it up at work, even take a different route to work rather than the same ol drive.

These changes have reinvigorated me. I worked out and got sore. I wrote and pumped out words I'm happy with. My drive to work sucks in a completely different way, now.

Shake it up. Be consistent. Embrace the chaos, enjoy the switch-ups, relish the routine, and stay on-schedule.

Sometimes it's all you can do is hold up your hands and enjoy the ride.

Have you made changes lately? What did you change? Workouts, habits, writing, anything goes.

- Eric

PS: On two separate notes...

1) My boy is doing GREAT. He's sleeping through the night, but not every night (random consistency is the theme, you know). I am almost ready to get back on a routine writing schedule, soon as I can get a consistent night's sleep.

2) I turn 40 next week. I don't know what that means, other than I'm not dead yet.

Here's some Monty to celebrate that #2, forthcoming:

Bring out your dead!


Raquel Byrnes said...

He's back from oblivion! Glad to see you posting again. Embracing the chaos, how very Zen. =)

As for me, I am still happily being a control freak and doggedly defending my 'sameness' in life.

I have a lot going on and order makes me feel better.

You opted out of the A-Z Blogging thing...did you see how many people signed up this year? Over a thousand. What the French Toast?!

See you in the ether!
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Hi, Eric. Glad to see you again!!

I'm taking your advice about be consistent - be different.

I'm not much of a joiner. Lone wolf. But I thought I would do the isolated letter from A to Z if a good post came to me ... or to Hibbs -- which it did for tomorrow. The adult Hibbs, much wiser and braver than I.

Samuel Goldwyn had a similar order for his writers : Give the same thing ... only different. He meant shake up the popular idea or theme. The ugly guy gets the girl. The bad guy turns out to be the good guy, much to his dismay.

Thanks for downloading THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS. May Hibbs make for pleasant company. Roland

Unknown said...

Well done you, back again. I keep changing my tactics, ever hopeful.

Aurora Smith said...

great post

dolorah said...

Nice to see you back Eric. I was going to do one long comment on the April 2 post but, well my memory isn't that long :)

Glad to see you're changing things up in your routine. I know, its hard to bust completely out of life tracks, but yes, some things can be shaken.

I'm blogging less, writing a little more, getting some research done. Not as much overtime.

Changes can be good. I can't wait to read more from you.