Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Pink and Purple Polka-Dotted Panties of Passion

Yes, you read that right. Pink and Purple Polka-Dotted Panties of Passion.

The panties were a relic in my days of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), and we quested for them periodically and never managed to find them.

Lord, if we had found them, if ~I~ had found them, I wouldn't have known what the hell to do with em. Sniff them would have been my first reaction. I'm a dog that way, wuff wuff.

My second reaction would have been to beg women to put them on, because ain't that the ruse. You can lead a girl to the Pink and Purple Polka-Dotted Panties of Passion, but you can't make her put them on!

Did you ever role play? Did you make fun of the Halfling thief's penis and use him as a club during a barroom brawl, or as a distraction send your buddy streaking naked through a gaggle of goblins, or sneak into brothels using a ring of invisibility?

And if you ever find those panties, send them my way. I might be able to slip them onto my wife while she's sleeping.

- Eric


Sarah Ahiers said...

i don't play, but my brother does 2 times a week, every other sunday at our house. That is a lot of extreme nerdery

Wine and Words said...

I think I played Sims once. I can barely handle my own life character, much less a halfling, streeking, invisibility brothel goblin thing-a-ma-jiggy.

Gawd - I hate the word panties and so hate pink. I think I was born the wrong gender.

Matthew MacNish said...

Is that bonus attributed to per hit, or armor class?

Cindy said...

Only played a little D&D .. with people who were way too serious about it for it to be really fun.

I did play a bit of GURPS once and my weapon was a pink and purple 8 foot dildo of doom (or something of the sort... it's been 10 years so forgive me forgetting the exact details)

J.C. Martin said...

*LOL* What stats did the P&PPPoP have? +10 charisma, +10 endurance, -10 intelligence? ;) As you can tell, I've played my share of video game RPGs.

Phoenix said...

I can't believe that any D&D'ers would find Pink and Purple Polka-Dotted Panties of Passion anywhere in their lives, unless they popped up on a kobold, honestly. ;)

I started gaming young with my older brothers and was usually an NPC dwarf that they just let me play to shut me up. Later on when I started dating geeks professionally (they're really good kissers, shut up) I got sucked back into ShadowRun, then D&D 4th Edition, then the Star Wars RPG, and now I'm playing Warhammer. I've got my own dice and I make D&D jokes all the time.

Thank God I'm hot or no one would talk to me.

Stephanie Lorée said...

This relic sounds interesting. Polka dots really aren't my thing though.

I still play D&D, among other SuperNerd activities. Honestly, gaming made me a better writer. I got over being ashamed of my geekery long ago.