Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for Immaturity

Are you immature at times? Or do you act your age and follow all the rules associated with that age group's accepted behavior?

I got immature this weekend. We almost got kicked out of the Studio Movie Grill. You eat dinner and watch a movie, only we ate dark beer -- Shiner Bock -- and watched Your Highness. I honestly don't remember the last half of the movie. My brother said we almost got into a fight with the guys behind us, which doesn't surprise me, nor would getting kicked out have surprised me.

I threw up in my neighbor's yard. My nephew -- sober -- was driving us and thought it was my house.

Lord I hope the neighbors didn't see that, but found some mystery yurk down at the curb and blamed the local teenies. I coached their kid in soccer.

And my wife is now known as Natalie Portman. As always, I am still either Vin Diesel or Dale, Jr, and the occasional Jason (General Hospital hit man) or James Franco.

It would have been a Natalie meets Franco weekend if she'd seen the movie with me.

When was the last time you didn't act your age?!

- Eric


Stephanie Lorée said...

I saw Your Highness on Saturday. I laughed, though I suspect I would have enjoyed it more while drunk. Went out afterward and had something called a Sangarita, which is now my new favorite thing. Should've had like 5 Sangaritas before the movie.

I pwn teenage boys in video games daily. I'm pretty sure that means I'm immature, but eff it.

Deirdra A. Eden said...

I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
Go to and pick up your award.

Stephanie said...

LOL!! You gotta do it every once in a while!!! Why be boring all the time?? You only get one chance at this life thing, so why not make it worth while?? More memories to add to the mental shelf!

We have friends who have a kick-ass basement bar. They host St. Patty's, Halloween, and New Year's Eve, and the occasional summer fete. We all have young kids, so the opportunities to get together and get silly drunk are limited. But we sure do make up for it and have a really fun time.

Candyland said...

Ahaha!!!It's been quite awhile for me. Probably before the 4yo was born. Sounds like you had fun, even if you don't remember all of it!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Like that? LOL It's been a long, long time...

Cindy said...

Extreme drunkenness, it's been quite some time (I've been pregnant or nursing a baby constantly for a few years now..). Playing around though, I do every Sunday.. I go to the park with a group who brings out all sorts of toys... juggling stuff, hula hoops, balance toys, bubbles, and we all act like kids for a while.

Julie Musil said...

OMG! Totally 17 yo behavior. Poor Natalie Portman.

dolorah said...

We must have double dated Saturday :)

I give this guy my cell number, and he called me on Sunday. Well, texted first, thanking me for the ride. I had the forsight to have my son drop me off and pick me up.

Took the guy home too. Yep, I remember. Not sick. Told him I was still drunk though, on Sunday, so I didn't have to decide if he was worth talking to or not.

Seriously, I was drunk. Not, apparently as far as you (thank the universe), but boy did I have fun. Drinking; dancing; talked to a guy . .

Well, I remember I had fun, so thats ok :)