STEPS Blog Tour 2015

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Once again blending reality and horror into a fast-paced and poetic style, Trant introduces the Peacemakers, a family trapped in the Arkansas mountains during the onset of society's fall to a ravaging virus. Forced to band with a group of deserted soldiers, they battle to survive starvation, apocalyptic cataclysms, and a growing number of infected wanderers. As they struggle against ever-increasing odds, they soon realize they are not alone in the hills. An ancient giant of a man stalks them, obsessed with the Peacemaker's young daughter. Now they must face the reality they might die at the hands of the unstoppable virus, and the mysterious giant may be their only hope for salvation.

STEPS WoW Blog Tour 2015

Monday, July 6 @ The Muffin
Launch at the Muffin
WoW Women on Writing

Tuesday, July 7 @ Choices with Madeline Sharples
Eric Trant makes a book blog tour stop at Choices as he writes a guest post for Madeline Sharples. The guest post is titled: "Part-Time Authors: How a Second Career Improves Your Writing" and you won't want to miss his insight into this topic as well as an opportunity to learn about and participate in a giveaway for your own copy of Trant's latest best seller "Steps"!

Wednesday, July 8 @ Katherine Hajer
Eric Trant authors today's guest post at the blog of Katherine Hajer as he speaks on "Exploring the World: Why Writers ~ Must ~ Get Off the Couch". Learn more about this topic as well as Trant's latest novel "Steps".

Friday, July 10 @ Ava Louise
Eric Trant stops at the blog of fellow author Ava Louise. Don't miss Eric's guest post titled: "Bigotry in Writing Part I: How Much is Too Much? " and learn more about Eric's latest novel "Steps"

Monday, July 13 @ Renee’s Pages
Here's a guest post we can all sink our teeth into (or not)..."Workout Fun: A Simple Trick to Spice Up Your Workout Routine" by Eric Trant. Eric visits the blog of WOW!'s own Renee Roberson as he shares his thoughts on workouts and his latest novel "Steps". This is a blog stop you won't want to miss!

Tuesday, July 14th @ All Things Audry
Eric Trant offers reader of All Things Audry an insightful guest post titled: "OCD: How This Super Power Can Be Used for Good or Evil". Find out more about this and Trant's latest best seller "Steps"

Wednesday, July 15 @ MC Simon
Join author MC Simon as she review the latest novel by Eric Trant. Learn more about "Steps" and find our for yourself why Eric Trant is a top selling author.

Thursday July 16 @ I'd So Rather be Writing
Bigotry in Writing Part II: How Realistic Are Your Bigots?

Saturday, July 18 @ Hott Books
Don't miss the awesome topic of "Editing 101: Why I Never Argue with My Editor (or My Publisher)" by Eric Trant as he stops by Hott Books as part of his WOW! book blog tour. Hear from Eric and find out more about his latest novel "Steps"

Monday, July 20 @ Create Write Now
Today's guest author at Create Write Now with Mari McCarthy is none other than Eric Trant. Find out more about Eric, his latest book "Steps" and his guest topic today which is "Killing the Dream: Five Sure Ways to Never, Ever Achieve Your Long-Term Goals"

Tuesday, July 21 @ Lisa Haselton
Lisa Haselton reviews "Steps" by Eric Trant and will be giving away a copy to one lucky reader! Eric discusses "Overconsumption: How Much Time Should You ~Really~ Spend Writing"

Wednesday, July 22 @ Kathy Pooler
Eric Trant will wow readers as he writes a guest post for Kathleen Pooler at Memoir Writer's Journey. Don't miss today's post titled: "Bad Reviews: Why You Must Read Them (and How to Survive)". Learn about this and Trant's latest novel "Steps"!

Thursday, July 23 @ Slay the Writer
Fellow author Trisha Slay reviews the latest novel by Eric Trant. Find out more about Trant and "Steps" and get in on the giveaway to win your own copy!

Friday, July 24 @ Bring on Lemons
Eric Trant authors today's guest blog post at Bring on Lemons (the blog of Crystal Otto) and the topic is: "The Grinder: A Simple MS Word Automation That Will Clean Up Your Manuscript".

Tuesday, July 28 @ Selling Books
Join Eric Trant with a guest post titled "City Lights: Why it is Important to Turn Them Off" as he visits Cathy Stucker's Selling Books blog.

Wink Blog Tour 2013

Wednesday, July 24 @ The Muffin

Don’t miss the exciting thriller Wink by Eric W. Trant. Wink’s WOW! Blog Tour begins with an author interview and a give-away!

Thursday, July 25 @ Book Flame

Break the mold and win with today’s stop at Book Flame where you’ll have a chance to win a copy of the new thriller, Wink (#WINK) and hear from Eric Trant with his guest post: “Breaking the Molds for Men and Women in Literature”.

Friday, July 26 @ All Things Audry

Don’t miss today’s win/win stop for Eric Trant and his new thriller Wink (#WINK)! Not only is it your chance to win your own copy of Wink, but join Eric to find out “How Writing Heals”.

Tuesday, July 30 @ A Writer’s Life

Talk about interesting! Join Eric Trant as he discusses “How Small Town Living Made Me a More Interesting Writer” and Win a copy of Eric’s new thriller, Wink (#WINK)!

Thursday, August 1 @ Writing is Easy

Find out why Eric says caution should be taken when branding yourself, and win your own copy of his fabulous new thriller Wink (#WINK).

Friday August 2 @ CMash Reads

Eric Trant talks about being your authentic self with today's guest post "Why You Should Be Yourself in Writing and Marketing" stop by CMash Reads for this exciting discussion and your chance to win a copy of Wink (#WINK) Print-US/Canada residents OR EBook-open to all.

Saturday, August 3 @ Book Worm

Today is your chance to win a copy of Wink by Eric Trant (#WINK) and read his fascinating guest post: "Can a Faith-Based Person Write Supernatural Fantasy?"

Monday, August 5 @ Books I Think You Should Read

Don't miss your chance to win a copy of this great thriller and read Elizabeth Parker's review of Wink (#WINK) by Eric W. Trant.

Tuesday, August 6 @ Renee's Pages

Win a copy of the new thriller, Wink (#WINK) by Eric Trant and hear his thoughts on “Author Intrusion: Good or Bad?”

Wednesday, August 7 @ World of My Imagination

Win your very own copy of Wink (#WINK) by Eric W. Trant and see what Nicole thought after reading this fabulous thriller set in a rural Gulf Coast town.

Friday, August 9 @ Read These Books and Use Them

Don't blink or you'll miss your chance at Wink (#WINK). Today is your opportunity to win a copy of Eric W. Trant's thriller, Wink and read what Margo had to say about this small town thriller!

Tuesday, August 13 @ Steph the Bookworm

Today could be your lucky day to win Eric W. Trant's thriller, Wink and read a book lover's review of this moving work!

Wednesday, August 14 @ Words By Webb

Join Jodi as she does a 5W's interview with Eric W. Trant, the author of the fabulous thriller, Wink!

Friday, August 16 @ Literary R&R

Wink makes a stop for a giveaway and review!

Monday, August 19 @ Books & Such
Teri Polen reviews Eric Trant's thriller, Wink and offers readers a chance at a giveaway for this fast paced 5 star action packed thriller!

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