Friday, January 6, 2012

Candyland's Post

Just wanted to say how amazed I am at the outpouring of goodwill over at Candyland. I've been following her for a while, and she's humorous, insightful, well-written, and deeply honest. There aren't many bloggers who could post what she posted without sounding ingenuous.

Candyland: Lower than a rapper's pants

I'd also bring up Mr. 3QE himself, Matthew MacNish, The QQQE, for drawing in so many people to Candace's place. Nice job, Matt.

Go read her post. I've read it quite a few times. She's having trouble with her new baby and could use a little hope thrown her direction. And couldn't we all use that sometimes!

Here's a quote to get you started:

From pregnancy, he's been a needy baby. It started with the loss of fluid near his head causing me to be in and out of the hospital (= monumental bills piling up), then he died at birth. Thankfully was brought back to us but it was not without issues. He's had problems with different formulas and medications which they attribute to reflux. After we got our sweet Sully home from the hospital, his condition has only worsened.

- Eric


Wine and Words said...

Being allowed to help people is a blessing to me. Without her transparency I would have no blessing. It is hope that flows both ways. "I need something" meets with "I wish I had something to give". For a moment the world spins correctly for me.

dolorah said...

Nic shout out for both of these bloggers.


Candyland said...

Thank you for posting this. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.