RISEN Novel 2017 WiDo Publishing Click here to ORDER NOW!

Haunted by visions of a demonic angel and sold into servitude by his father, young Alberto battles to survive the horrors of a nineteenth century Sicilian sulfur mine. 

Suffering merciless brutality, Alberto must save not only himself but his deformed older brother, both pawns in their father's mad plan to overthrow a group of wealthy landowners.

Bound by a death-debt to his hunchback master, Alberto discovers a door the miners call Porta dell'Inferno, the Door to Hell, deep within the sulfur mines. When he learns the demon-angel of his dreams stalks the caverns beyond the door, Alberto realizes a strange fate has lured him and his brother to the gates leading to the underworld.

Now Alberto must face the creature from his visions and rise to become the man his father demands him to be, or remain forever trapped in a hellish world where none escape.

STEPS Novel 2015 WiDo Publishing Click here to ORDER NOW!

Once again blending reality and horror into a fast-paced and poetic style, Trant introduces the Peacemakers, a family trapped in the Arkansas mountains during the onset of society's fall to a ravaging virus. Forced to band with a group of deserted soldiers, they battle to survive starvation, apocalyptic cataclysms, and a growing number of infected wanderers. As they struggle against ever-increasing odds, they soon realize they are not alone in the hills. An ancient giant of a man stalks them, obsessed with the Peacemaker's young daughter. Now they must face the reality they might die at the hands of the unstoppable virus, and the mysterious giant may be their only hope for salvation.

WINK Novel 2013 WiDo publishing: Click here to ORDER NOW!

Wracked with the guilt of causing his brother’s coma, twelve year-old Marty Jameson seeks refuge in his attic, only to find the attic is haunted by creatures his uncle claimed to see through his glass eye. Isolated by his mother’s abusive rages, Marty befriends the crippled girl next door, but when the creatures begin killing those around him, he must decide whether to abandon the only friend he has ever known, or face the supernatural terror ripping apart his life.

Out of the Great Black Nothing Novel: 2011 (NO LONGER IN PRINT)

Who the HELL is Percy Freebottom? That's the question NASA wonders, when they discover his name written in the moon sand.

Melvin Gee's Short Trip to Hell Short Story: An Honest Lie: Justifiable Hypocrisy Fall, 2011 (NO LONGER IN PRINT)

Melvin Gee isn't sure whether he is supposed to go to Heaven, or to Hell. So he visits both.

One Small Step Short Story: An Honest Lie: Delusions of Insignificance 2010 (NO LONGER IN PRINT)

The original inspiration for the novel Out of the Great Black Nothing, a fan-favorite story about Percy Freebottom, a redneck with a lawn chair and a space suit.

Apple Tree Short Story: An Honest Lie: Contributing to the Delinquency of Your Inner Child 2009 (NO LONGER IN PRINT)

Two boys discover an apple tree, that isn't an apple tree. This is Eric's first paid-published piece.