Thursday, April 3, 2014

Things that sound dirty, but aren't

Just for fun, you know how some things sound dirty but aren't? Well, here are some examples.

Kum & Go. It's a gas station. (from their website)

Here's a picture of a tall skinny blonde with room for cream, to go. Who doesn't want one of these! (from their website)

How about a sea cucumber. I think this one's played out, but it's still worth mentioning. I couldn't find any youtube vids that were appropriate, so feel free to look it up yourself.

You ever thought about the term Hump Day? Meatball? Blow pop? Beef jerky?

I can think of at lease one good reason not to put a Sit-n-Spin in my rear-entry.

How'd you like to be a coxswain? (from Wiki)

What if you caught a homo erectus in your bathroom jiggling his ballcock. You might say to him, Be gentle! You'll break it!

He might jiggle it so hard he falls and breaks his coccyx.

Let's imagine the guy is an animal lover, and he has for pets a titmouse and a shih tzu.

- Eric

Eric W. Trant is a published author of several short stories and the novels Out of the Great Black Nothing and Wink from WiDo Publishing, out now! See more of Eric's work here: Publications, or order directly from Amazon, or wherever books are sold.



Wine and Words said...

LOL! Men. They can find sexual innuendo in everything! "Motorcycle". I dare you. "iPhone". "White-out". Yep....tick tock tick tock. Waiting....

dolorah said...

Yeah, some things are just worth checking out. Glad to see you are retaining your sense of humor Eric.

prince said...

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