Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Honest Lie Vol 3: Justifiable Hypocrisy

So the latest Honest Lie short story anthology is on sale. You can't vote for me, but poke around and VOTE for Donna Hole or Stephanie Loree here. The author with the most votes gets a BOOK DEAL! If you buy a book from one of their portals, they get more points. Click their name to see an excerpt and buy, and click mine (but buy from one of their portals) if you want to see a bit about my short story (which is not that short) titled Melvin Gee's Short Trip to Hell.

Read through some of the author interviews here: Life at OHP.

Anyway, now I need to update my links on the side. This publishing crap is a lot of work!

Click the picture. I do believe the kid is GUARDING the playground, not attacking it. This is a common scene in third-world countries.

Also, I should have my full-length novel, Out of the Great Black Nothing, in print this quarter. It's about a redneck in a space suit.

- Eric


Wine and Words said...

Rock on Trant! Look at you go!!! Your words are sparking from fingers, igniting pages and sending imaginations up in flames. Can't wait for the red neck in a space suit. I like him already. Hope I ain't wrong.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Eric, that's fantastic! Congratulations. What if I voted for you anyway?

Stephanie Lorée said...

Hey Eric! I appreciate the shout-out. Also, your blog redesign looks great.

I'll be doing a promotional post on my blog tomorrow for AHL#3. Hopefully I can drum up some votes! Thanks again and happy writing!

dolorah said...

Eric; I'm glad you posted today, or I would have e-mailed yu anyway. Melvins story is was so awesome it almost made me cry *sniffs* That was beautifully written; so creative. What a unique imagination you have. And the name Alynda, perfect for an angel.

The choices, the lights, the imagery; I don't know what appealed to me the most. I admit I was even more engrossed for the apple reference; brought back fond memories of your Apple Tree story :)

I loved it all! I knew I would, not just from your short excerpt on the blog months ago, but also because I've come to expect nothing less from all the writing excerpts you've posted.

I still marvel at the blue face of God. Was that somewhat an inspiration for Melvin Gee? You take the existential to new heights.

Thankyou so much for your support of both Stephanie and myself. It means a lot to me. Dude, I can't wait to read ~Black Nothing. I know it will be awesome :)

Stephanie; I'll be visiting you tomorrow too. I'll have a better post up for AHL3 on Friday or Saturday.

Now I'm off to go figure out how to get me contributor print copies.


Anonymous said...

Redneck in a spacesuit? Nice!

Phoenix said...

Congrats, Eric! I'm proud of you, in a non-pedantic way, and proud to be your friend. And you are a damn fine writer.

Even if you do make me think that your dad -stayed- dead. Yeeeeesh....

Have a quiet November and stay outta trouble, you hear me?