Monday, November 1, 2010

Eric's Writing Desk

All right you knuckers, you asked for it. Here's my writing area for Summer's Lazy Fest.

I took a picture with me in it but I cut that one because I look fat and I am NOT fat, dammit.

If you read the numbers, here are what they mean.

1) Smithwick's + Guinness = (what)? Bonus if you know the proper terms for this mix. For inspiration. This is inarguably the most important thing in writing, thus the #1 in my list.

2) Current WIP. Ongoing, soon to be deleted and completely re-written, again, as is my modis operandi.

3) Wife's skivvies, for inspiration, enhanced by the effects of #1. Lots of inspiration in those things, often more than I can handle.

4) Bills I hope to pay when I hit the BS (best-seller's) list. Total of about $4k, which is far more than most writers make.

5) Cable box. Because this is the closet, and they put cable boxes in the closet.

6) Shorts. I hang my shorts. Don't ask. My wife started that crap.

7) Fan, because the closet gets hot.

8) Desk I hate. I will eventually destroy it with a 3lb sledge and burn it down to the nails.

9) Speakers, blasting She Fucking HATES ME! by Puddle of Mudd, which is my theme song.

10) Current read, Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, because my WIP is a Sci-Fi and I read only the best during my writing-slash-drinking binges.

Now you have the 10 variables for the genius equation. Don't abuse them, or if you do, at least give proper credit to Eric W. Trant at Digging with the Worms...

- Eric

What do you use for inspiration? Does Guinness inspire you? Have you ever had Shiner Bock? Why is beer known as The Great Motivator? Can I see your (or your wife's) skivvies?


Christine Danek said...

Inspiration--chocolate, music and I will admit sometimes beer. I usually drink Augustiner. A Munich beer.
I used to drink Guinness (back in the day).
I don't think I've had a Shiner Bock.
I'm not sure the real reason beer is the Great Motivator, it sometimes just opens my mind.
Sorry my skivvies do not look like that-- so no. :)
Have a great day!

Matthew MacNish said...

Is number 1 a black and tan? Because I always thought that was made with Guinness and a Harp Lager. I guess not.

S.A. Larsenッ said...

I'm just laughing at Christine's answers. Nice work space. I have books piled on my desk, candles lit, always coffee (during light hour writing), glass of wine (during evening writing), and a frog--stuffed of course. Um, just because.

Summer Frey said...

Very nice--can't even tell it's a closet. I'm a bit curious about the underwear, but to each his own.

Don't know that beer combo--don't care much for Guinness. I like a brewsky while writing myself, usually either Newcastle or one of the Flying Dog varieties.

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

cool desk and love the curtain of shorts, lol.

I've recently read Stranger in a Strange Land and rather liked it, though it's a bit heavy-going to read into. The style is a bit odd from today's point of view, but then that might just be me.

not to fond of guiness... I get inspired by chocolate. And gummi bears.

Unknown said...

This is my favorite blogfest post today! I loved hearing you're going to restart your wip...I thought I was the only one who did that. (I'm currently on the second-first draft of mine.) And, I make my husband hang his shorts too. :P

Happy Writing!

Tara said...

"She was a queen for about an hour..." Oh sorry. Get me started on lyrics, and I'm off.
You've seen photos of what (*cough* who) inspires me. I'm sure you scroll away quickly. Only alcohol I drink is Killians. Maybe 3x a year. Hence, it doesn't take much to have me crawling on the floor. Best skivvies I ever owned: Got 'em at a Slaughter concert. They were black and had the oh so lovely words: Stick it to Ya across the front. I was sixteen. I'm going to have a teenage daughter in about 6 years. God help me.
PS. You cannot see them, because I haven't fit, er I mean, seen them in years.

Eric W. Trant said...

Matt gets partial credit for at least knowing what a Black & Tan is, and you're right, it's usually Guinness & Harp (or Bass).

You can make a B&T with any two beers, so long as one is a stout (goes on top) and a pale ale or lager on the bottom.

For instance, a Black & Blue is Blue Moon with Guinness.

The version shown with Smithwick's is usually referred to as an IRISH Black & Tan, at least locally where I live.

I've read that in Ireland they call it a Blacksmith or Light & Bitter, but I'll have to go there to confirm that point.

Anyway, I could go on. Laughing at your comments, and welcome to my world.

Off to snoop more into yours...

- Eric

Katie Anderson said...

Looks pretty good for a closet!

Thanks for the follow, and also for reminding me that I need to post a photo of my workspace. I better get tidying...!

Melissa said...

#1 the proper name for your drink is a Black and Tan! (I'm a certified bartender - took the course in August)

Okay 2-9....every number I enjoyed this post more and more! Excellent.

I wanted to number my pictures and circle random things to point them out but unfortunately.... I am lazy and was like...ahh fuck that.

I love that you didn't straighten up your space (because I totally did!) it's far more honest that way.

Lydia Kang said...

I love that you labelled it for our benefit. And the wife's skivvies, I think I inhaled my tea when I read that.
This was awesome!

Hart Johnson said...

*dies* Oh, after my own heart... beer and ladies panties... very nice. This space definitely speaks to me, though perhaps more if you confessed to putting ON the ladies panties when you had writer's block...

Sarah Ahiers said...

Hah! I love that you took another pic without you in it, because i did the same thing!

Wine and Words said...

I LOVE that song! I'm so glad for the skivvies because quite frankly...that is the most uninspirational view I have ever seen. White walls, scrappy shorts and beer? Ug. Let's buy some paint.

Lola Sharp said...

No shorts hanging in this house. Not even mine.

Husband drinks Black and Blues all the time, but I am not a beer girl. I'm a cocktail girl.

I let Husband take my panties off, but he can't keep 'em. (unless they get ripped)

That's a big closet, Eric.

C R Ward said...

I'm inspired by music and the view from my window. Alas, I am not a beer drinker, so I'd nave to say Guinness does not inspire me. What is a Shiner Bock? Beer is the great motivator because if I dangle one (or several) in front of my husband I can get him to cut the grass. My skivvies are pretty boring compared to your wife's, so I think I'll decline. :-)

I would have never guessed your workspace was in a closet!

Jai Joshi said...

I love your writing space! Very funny stuff. I won't be able to think of you now without having images of your shorts hanging over your head float through my mind.


Phoenix said...

Inspiration - because I'm obsessed with music, I make a "soundtrack" to every story and script I write. Then I listen to it repeatedly.

I also can't write in a closet, that would make it hard for me to breathe... and I have a feeling, as madly as I'm in love with him, that Benni's boxers hanging off my monitor wouldn't really be inspiring.

I do have my favorite picture ever hanging above my desk though - the black and white photo of St. Paul during the Blitz. That inspires me more than just about everything else in this world.

Even more than Benni's boxers. ;)

Jennifer Hoffine said...

Love the numbered map of your space. Thanks for sharing!

Len Lambert said...

Wow it's so detailed! Thanks for sharing your writing space! :)

Just Another Sarah said...

Haha--nice space. I am inspired by pretty much everything, except beer. Not my taste.

Actually, I find myself inspired quite a bit by old articles I find in newspapers.

Just Another Sarah said...

(Old articles in old newspapers--like, 30s and 40s!)

Denise Covey said...

Well Eric, top marks for fascinating, right down to your wife's undies, and such cute ones. If I got to mixing that many drinks I'd never get any work done. Just a nice G&T at the end of a hard day's write.

Great space. Unique desk. How could you be planning murder so foul?

Thanks for stopping by an commenting on my workspace..:)

Luna said...

Love it! I really enjoyed reading this post.

Happy writing!

Lisa Gail Green said...

Wow, aside from your wife's skivvies, it's pretty neat. :D

Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

Wormy, I can not believe you'd bare your woman's undies for all us writerly folk to gawk at. This post is you through and through. Gotta love an honest Texan.

Stop by my blog in a couple hours. I've got an award over there for you.

~that rebel, Olivia