Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Almost finished!

Almost finished with Dark Woods!

It's a new book, short, about 30-35k wds after I'm finished (assuming no major edits). I'm almost to the ending.

I think I'll get really drunk and write that part. See, it's one of ~those~ endings, where I need to rip out my heart and eat it just to get the right words on the paper.

So, bon appetit! Pass the salt and red pepper, please. Hope to choke it down by Easter Sunday.

Then I have a project with OHP that I'm looking forward to. It'll involve a series of urban fantasy short stories. Fun genre, that. Magic in the back-alleys, baby, total Gremlins and Twighlight and Harry Potter and all those other mod-fantasies you see!

Diggem up some worms and toss me some dirt.

- Eric

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